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Oerlikon is an International industrial solutions company for the automotive, aviation, energy, tooling, apparels and industrial textiles equipment and agriculture sectors. Oerlikon contracted with Evans to design-build a cutting-edge, additive manufacturing and R&D facility in Huntersville, NC.

The 120,000 sf facility consists of R&D laboratories, a large-scale printing area, CNC machining and high-pressure heat treatment facilities. The backbone of the plant consists of inert gas systems, chilled water systems, purified compressed air systems, as well as a tightly controlled temperature and humidity HVAC system. The plant is equipped with both a 400V and 480V uninterrupted, UPS and generator power supply system.

The plant will allow Oerlikon to 3D print titanium parts for the medical and aviation industry.3D printing of metals and alloys provides geometric design freedom as well as enhanced parts performance by combining different materials.

Evans General Contractors has extensive knowledge in the design-build of such facilities and understands the very specific requirements for their operations.




Huntersville, NC


Corporate Environments, Manufacturing

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