Haering Precision USA

Project Details

Häring, one of the leading manufacturers of precision components and subassemblies for the automotive industry, contracted with Evans to design-build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Lavonia, GA along Hwy 85. The project consists of two impressive buildings that were designed to sustain extremely high levels of energy efficiency in order to reduce the CO2 emissions and save on energy costs.

The main building, a 412,000 sf production/administrative facility, includes an equipment mezzanine and a 15,000 sf four-story gatehouse with 11 temporary living quarters. The chillers, compressors, oil tanks, and main switchboards/transformers are located in the building’s full basement which serves as both storage and MEP utility rooms. The ground floor level is an 18” thick elevated cast-in-place concrete deck in order to support the equipment and reduce vibrations.

The future 72,000 sf Academy and Cafeteria building is a two-story facility which serves as the training area with a full-service kitchen and cafeteria connected by a large courtyard/breezeway. The cafeteria has three private dining rooms for management meetings and entertaining and the training area is similar to the production facility as it relates to equipment and structure. It too has a full basement that serves as a receiving for the kitchen and storage. This building also includes a 2,000 sf maintenance garage with fueling station to maintain and service Häring’s vehicles.

High innovative strength, exemplary quality and absolute reliability make Häring a highly sought-after partner – from the development through the project phase. One of Häring’s main clients is Bosch, who services BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche.




Lavonia, GA


Manufacturing, Corporate Environments

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