Shiloh EcoPark

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January 16, 2018
January 16, 2018

Shiloh EcoPark

Skaltek is a unique company within technical development, manufacturing, and delivery of equipment to the cable industry for more than 42 years. They contracted with Evans for the construction of Shiloh EcoPark, a 60,000 SF manufacturing and office facility.
Since Shiloh EcoPark is the first building within the complex, current needs along with future requirements had to be considered during construction. The facility is built with an open concept platform to eliminate barriers within the working place. EcoPark is an environmentally conscious building incorporating natural light through skylights and a 180 degree glass perimeter within the office area. Thermal influence is reduced by utilizing a standing seam roof overhang at the office and Insulated Metal Panels in the manufacturing area.
The complex includes an Air Compressed System, Overhead Cranes, Big Ass Fans, Bathhouse and Coffee Bar.

Owner - Skaltek

Location - Alpharetta, Georgia

Architect - Wakefield Beasley & Associates