Digital Flipbooks

(All digital brochure links will be updated periodically)

// Brand Colors

  • PANTONE 201 C
  • CMYK (7,100,65,32)
  • RGB (152,30,50)
  • HTML #981E32
Light Grey
  • PANTONE 10101 C
  • CMYK (13,10,11,0)
  • RGB (219,218,217)
  • HTML #dbdad9
Dark Grey
  • PANTONE PQ-10388C
  • CMYK (0,0,0,72)
  • RGB (105,106,109)
  • HTML #696a6d
Accent Blue
  • PANTONE (NA - info)
  • CMYK (28,14,10,0)
  • RGB (182,199,213)
  • HTML #b6c7d5

// Evans Standard Logo

Download EGC's standard logo by format/size below:
If you need the EGC logo in a different size or with altered colors for dark backgrounds please email Brianna.

// Tradeshow Displays

Below are the three different displays we have and the correct way to showcase them whether at a conference, career fair, trade show, etc.

We are currently updating the TV display platforms for visual displays and will let you as soon as that's up and running.

// Custom Project Signage

Click button below to download the PM & PC custom sign instructions.

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